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A better way to buy beef.

At Finger Lakes Natural Beef, our mission is to provide you and your family with quality, nutritious food. We achieve this by treating our animals humanely and feeding them all natural, locally grown feeds. Our animals roam freely in the pastures of our family farm in the heart of the Finger Lakes. These practices allow us to produce beef of superior quality and flavor. Our goal is to produce a wholesome product with exceptional taste and tenderness at a fair price.

We believe that consumers who choose to support Finger Lakes Natural Beef, or other small sustainable farms, are choosing to support ecologically sound agriculture and to promote ‘green’ foods - foods that are grown in ways that develop healthy lands and soils. Our customers are helping to reduce the use of artificial growth and maintenance compounds in the livestock industry.  And our customers know that happy cows make superior taste.

See our ordering page or FAQs to learn more about how you can take part in this progressive, ecologically sound, sustainable farming process. Ordering “shares” is a great way to get a variety of delicious, dry aged, Angus beef.  Our Angus beef may also be purchased directly from the farm for people who prefer halaal beef.

We believe this is this best tasting, pasture raised local beef in the Cayuga Lake area.

We take orders for as little as twenty pounds to a whole steer. The special twenty-pound freezer pack is $6.25 a pound. This includes approximately eight pounds of ground beef, one roast and four steaks, with the rest as miscellaneous cuts. To place an order go to our contact page and send us an email.  Individual cuts are sold at the Farmer's Market in Syracuse.

2014 CSA shares. Be a part of community supported agriculture (CSA)